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A concert performer, composer, poet, singer, historian, storyteller, author, TV host and humanitarian. For 30 years, Will Millar and his wonderful creations have brought joy to the hearts and smiles to the faces of millions of people throughout the world that have been touched by all his labors of love.

Will Millar

He was born in Ballymena, County Antrim (sometime in the dim and misty past). As a young lad in short pants, Will began his entertainment career in Ireland along with his brother and sister, performing as "The Millar Kids." A short time thereafter, the family emigrated to Canada.

Recognizing Will's talent and love for children, a local television station featured him on a one hour children's show, which quickly gathered a loyal following of thousands of youngsters as well as adults.

From this start in the New World, he went on to form "The Irish Rovers," a group that would pass through all the popular folk clubs of the 60's (the Ice House, the Puple Onion and the hungry i, just to name a few). The Rovers repeatedly toured the great concert halls of the world such as Carnegie Hall and The Sydney Opera House for almost 30 years.

Will Millar Few traditional Irish musicians have ever attained the cross-cultural audience appeal and worldwide fame that the ever-popular Irish Rovers achieved. Even today, after more than a quarter of a century, their mega-hit recording of the loveliest tune of them all, "The Unicorn," can still be heard on radio stations and is played in pubs all over the globe.

After the Irish Rovers parted ways, Will fathered up his guitar, mandolin, banjo, and tin whistle and took off in a new direction. He recorded a rare collection of beautiful and haunting Celtic melodies and called the album "The Lark in the Clear Aire."

When he created and organized his new Irish show band, "Some Mad Irishmen", Will-as luck of the Irish would have it-found and assembled a group of the finest, funniest and most-talented Irish performers to be found this side of the Old Sod. They recently concluded a highly successful and widely-praised concert tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Will and the boys are consommate performers. They can make you laugh or cry. Or, sometimes, do both at once. From a rousing, raucous tune to a melancholy Irish air, Will's incomparable tin whistle will bring you home to Ireland, and once there, will capture your heart and soul forever more.

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